Concert Les Bas de jeanne & guests + parution livre by Liverpool University le 14 janvier

Les Bas de Jeanne

CONCERT +EXPO des artistes résidents + anniversaire

Interview de Yabon et KTY par Océane Sailly:

Dear friends & colleagues,

Jump Ship Rat is pleased to announce the arrival of our book

Cultural Hijack: Rethinking Intervention.

It’s been a few years in the pipeline, with many of you asking eagerly « when’s the book coming out ». If you’re new to Cultural Hijack it really is a book you will want to see.

Cultural Hijack is for anyone interested in how personal and collective experience and action shapes urban life and the roles of art in how and where we play out public life. Cultural Hijack is international in the scope of contributors and practices included yet, was born of the particularity of the City of Liverpool, as a place, a phenomenon and an imaginary. For many this is also a chance to relive some magical and perhaps forgotten encounters with creative action in Liverpool’s recent history.

You can read a quick blurb below and it takes just one little click to buy Cultural Hijack right now on Amazon:
…Oh and it’s very good value and jam packed with great images. (Full colour 320p, under £20)

Cultural Hijack explores our unforeseen encounters with creative action in the sites and situations of the urban everyday. These interventions and disruptions of habitual behaviours and perceptions by the anomalous and the out-of-place challenge us in radical ways to rethink our relationship to the urban environment. Cultural Hijack positions the artist as narrator, revealing the thinking behind interventions as well as the process of their creation and reception, to expose the ways in which the city becomes the playground, stage and instrument for unsanctioned artworks, informal creative practices, activist interventions and overtly political actions.

Cultural Hijack aims to enrich our understanding of the creative process, highlighting artists’ development of new weapons in the arsenal of critical resistance, expanding and emancipating the spaces of artistic and cultural production. The interventionist becomes a catalyst for a ‘user-generated’ city, whose tactical procedures are reinventing the way art is encountered and experienced. Together they form an emergent culture of appropriations of city infrastructure: acts of infiltration, subversion and reclamation that generate individual and collective empowerment within the city.

In this book Jump Ship Rat have brought together personal testimonies and original interviews, from artists bgl, Gelitin, Peter McCaughey, Tatzu Nishi, Michael Rakowitz, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Nina Edge, Alan Dunn, Yabon Paname, Ben Parry, Mudlevel and essays by Pavel Buchler and Declan McGonagle, to provide unique insight into the work and the life of the interventionist artist.
Cultural Hijack is a book of ideas about reclaiming our right to the city. We invite you to rummage through this creative tool- box as inspiration for a do-it-yourself urbanism.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading Hijack and can’t wait to hear what you think!

Very best wishes

Ben Parry, Myriam Tahir, Sally Medlyn
Jump Ship Rat

Coordination: Yabon Paname et Catherine Poulain

D’autre part vous pourrez voir cette installation dans l’atelier partagé du RDC au fond:

« Ce samedi 14 janvier  de 14 à 20H, mais aussi dimanche, avant de libérer la place, Anastasia Bolchakova vous invite à découvrir MACUMBA, une proposition plastique sans queue ni tête. Débarquer en terrain inconnu, se lancer sans savoir où l’on va, c’est  prendre le risque de n’arriver nulle part. Qu’est-il possible de faire : où, quand et comment, quand on a rien à de spécial à proposer? » Vous aurez peut-être des réponses.

A propos lecarrosse

14-16 rue du Capitaine Marchal, 75 020 Paris
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